About Jim

This blog is maintained by Jim Hanson.

Jim is a Partner at Acuity Mergers + Acquisitions. With a law degree and an MBA, Jim is able to combine his education with his wide range of experiences in the military, in business and in the non-profit sectors to help business owners maximize the value of their business at any stage of business development. He is a big believer in the power of small business to drive the American economy. Jim’s goal is to help these businesses maximize their value and to provide current owners the best strategy for realizing that value when it is time for retirement.

The best time to be thinking about how you will get out of your business is the first day you are in your business. An old Army saying puts it well: “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.” It is never too early to start planning your exit strategy and putting together a business succession plan. Jim, and the rest of the team at Acuity Mergers + Acquisitions, can help you through that process.

Transferring ownership of a business is far more complicated and potentially dangerous than selling a house or a car. There are multiple factors that can undermine value and jeopardize your sale. For example, the good will of your business can be seriously diminished if your customers find out that you’re selling. People generally fear change, and long-time customers may not believe that new ownership or management will be able to deliver the way you did. Confidentiality and carefully information management are critical to maintaining your goodwill value all the way through closing. Acuity Mergers + Acquisitions can expose your business to qualified buyers while maintaining your public image and preserving your company’s value.


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