Create a Professional Presentation

No matter if you are transitioning your business to a key employee or family member or selling the business to a third-party, you will need a high quality professional presentation of your business.

For third-party sales, the presentation should demonstrate to the potential buyer the value they will receive from the business. The more value the potential buyer can see in your business, the more that potential buyer will be willing to pay to gain ownership of that value.

But even in transitions where you don’t have to “sell” your business to the new owners, there are other important stakeholders that will need to be “sold” on the transaction. Most notably, a professional presentation will provide the information that banks need to be comfortable with any loans that may be part of the deal. A professional presentation will also provide assurance to your attorney and accountant.

Your business intermediary knows what banks, investors, attorneys, accountants, and (of course) prospective buyers and investors are looking for. A qualified business intermediary will put together a professional presentation of your business based on information you provide and goals you communicate.

Next Step: Maximize Interest from Potential Buyer


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